Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a PAYE worker with rental income, do you deal with clients like me?

Absolutely. I have a number of clients who are not self-employed who just need to file an annual tax return and want to know that it’s done right by a Chartered Accountant.

You seem quite modern and informal does this mean that professionalism is being sacrificed?

I want to represent a new breed of accountancy firm with a non-stuffy approach, but at the end of the day, I am a Chartered Accountant and I am regulated by my Institute as strongly as any other firm of Chartered Accountants.

I’m based in London and you are in Donegal, how would that work?

Technology has made the world a much smaller place and 90% of communication with accountants nowadays is by email, telephone and Skype. I will physically meet my clients whenever they like but it rarely needs to be more than once a year when year-end accounts are reviewed. I currently have more clients based outside Inishowen than in the peninsula and some are as far away as London and Dublin.

We are looking to switch accountants but want to retain our bookkeeper?

I have a number of clients who use in-house bookkeepers. Although I only prepare annual accounts for these clients, I am in regular contact with their bookkeepers throughout the year and always on hand to help with technical issues.