Tax, business and accountancy services for clients in Ireland and the UK

Welcome to my accountancy and tax consultancy practice established in the market town of Carndonagh in Donegal!

Darryl Butler

A practice with a reputation of moving with the times, providing top quality client services and practical advice -allowing your business to keep ahead of the competition.

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My objective is to use my extensive business experience to provide a wide range of taxation, business and accountancy services to clients based in Ireland and the UK.

So if you:

  • are planning to start a business;
  • are a PAYE employee who has other sources of income;
  • are working in the UK but want UK tax advice from a local accountant in Donegal;
  • looking to minimise tax liabilities regarding a planned asset disposal;
  • seeking inheritance tax planning advice;
  • want someone to act as your in-house accountant without the cost burden;
  • want to improve the business/accounting processes in your business;
  • are a farmer who is looking for straightforward tax advice and accounts produced at a reasonable fee;
  • are establishing an Irish company/subsidiary; or
  • feel your existing accountant has not modernised or providing a value-added service

I’d be delighted to hear from you.

Darryl Butler
Chartered Accountant & Chartered Tax Consultant