Changing Accountants

Darryl Butler in his officeMost individuals choose an accountant based on a family connection like their parent’s accountant or a recommendation from a friend. It can be surprising how few people actually research and evaluate their accountant before choosing them. Business is all about relationships. As your business grows your needs change and it places different demands on the advisers you rely on. Sometimes relationships blossom and sometimes you realise you need a change. If you feel your accountant is not moving with the times or if you only speak to them once a year (about last year’s figures) you should re-evaluate whether you are getting value for money.

Consider giving Darryl a call today to discuss how much of a difference he could make to your business and arrange a free consultation with him. He is based in north Donegal but his clients come from all over Ireland as well as the UK. Technology has advanced so that you no longer need a local accountant. He can now hold client meetings through Skype and deal with queries by email.

Modern accountants should spend their time interpreting the figures and giving real-time advice to clients….. not just at year-end when it can be too late. New accounting systems can also be located in the cloud so that clients and Darryl can work off the same system and are more connected than ever before.

An agreed fee can be fixed prior to the start of an engagement so there are no surprise bills and arrangements can be put in place to spread the cost over the year. I do not charge for e-mail or telephone queries.